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The Fortunato Group is located in the province of Salerno, an area which boasts a rich and deep-rooted know-how in the upholstery industry as well as incredible natural beauty and surroundings. Though formed just over a decade ago, the company is founded upon the heritage of a long tradition in the field of upholstery, with an outstanding focus on quality, craftmade care, attention to detail and constant improvement in all areas. The core of our business activity is in the design and production of high-quality mattresses, padded and upholstered goods - always aimed at improving the consumers’ body and mind wellness.

Since the year 2000, as a result of our passionate commitment to quality and service, our company has registered extremely satisfactory and high rates of growth.

Today, our production also includes a wide range of upholstered furniture, sofas, armchairs and beds. We supply products to the best resellers and dealers in Italy, and all over Europe as well. The Fortunato Group is considered one of the leading padded products and upholstery manufacturers in the Italy, supplying high quality, well refined and 100% Made in Italy products. The company operates its own research and design centre to ensure continuous improvement, new technologies, and innovative products, able to let consumers discover the importance and the meaning of treating their bodies with care. We intend to continue with the development of this policy, always working to attain the maximum levels of quality in the areas of production, sales, management and marketing. The Fortunato Group has achieved ISO 14001 Environmental Certification as well as ISO 9001 Quality Certification, which have been a further confirmation of our commitment to professionalism and quality, fundamental characteristics of our company philosophy.

Our mission is not simply concerning the production of mattresses, sofas and beds, but above all to spread the concept of total body wellness itself.