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Fortunato Group is a company whose attention is always focused on changes of the market; for this reason , it constantly searches for the quality of its products and for a meticulous care of its business marketing. The strategies for the distribution expansion are combined with a wider project based on the commitment and determination to provide increasing sales supports to retailers. Through the project and the positioning ofpersonalized display corners,  every customer becomes a spokesman for our sleeping system, for both the domestic and the foreign markets, in order to extend everywhere the concept of combination between Italian innovation and high manufacturing standards.

Our mission is to ensure maximum comfort through a process of continuous improvement of quality , guaranteed by the monitoring of work processes and the constant training of the staff. The company aim is always to innovate and to renew, thanks to the determination in the search for new designs, new ergonomic shapes and new materials.
All the materials used in the production procedure are subject to strict controls and are certified by quality assurance.

The entire production cycle , in order to guarantee the utmost care in each detail of the production phase, takes place within all its plants, extending over an area of 10,000 square meters.
Every year Materassia invests in innovative machineries and structures that are additional to those already operating .