Quality policy

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"Our commitment to quality ensure increasingly satisfied clients. Each of us is obligated to provide customers with a high level of service, in order to reach a positive balance between targets and results. From an organizational point of view, the quality procedure system avoids possible mistakes at the source instead of facing them once spotted; or at least it permits us to identify and solve the mistakes at the source for easter risolution" 

In order to institute this policy, our general manager has established the following guidelines:
- Market attention in order to provide it with innovative    products that in terms of quality/price relationship satisfy  customer needs;
- Communication investment (points of sale, meetings,    promotions, etc);
- Innovative business equipment investments;
- Direct and personalized assistance to sales and after    sale service;
- Appropriate choice of the best suppliers, involving them   in the choise at new technologies; 
- Human resource enhancement: motivating the staff and  involving them it in the company success and making    them aware of theirs responsibilities, roles and  processes. 

In order to assess the efficacy and efficiency of our processes and to improve them, the organization has planned instruments and the means to examine and value the following indicators:
- Internal and external verification results;
- Consumer information;
- Process monitoring and goal achievement; 
- Resource adequacy and staff training for the correct    control, management and verification of the activities and  results.

With this new plan, the General Manager has appointed one person responsible for Quality Control.
This Quality Policy is based on the highest engagement and participation of all collaborators for a growing improvement. The quality policy is regularly reviewed by the General Management to be sure of its suitability. The General Management makes an annual review of the Quality Process (SGQ) and it guarantees the correct development of this Policy.
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